joe zedepski’s ginormous calculator

In When It Happens, Joe Zedepski is this dude who always has to put his ginormous calculator right at the edge of his desk.  His huge, annoying calculator which he has out even on the first day of school when you don’t need it yet, teetering on the edge, just waiting to fall off.

Kayla is a very special reader who gets how funny this is.  She and her friend Kerri were totally cracking up when they found out about Joe.  They even drew Joe’s calculator:

Joe Zedepski's ginormous calculator

Love that!  And Joe would have loved yesterday’s blog post.

When It Happens comes out in paperback on May 1, which is also my birthday.  I love it when the universe consolidates gifts like that.

9 thoughts on “joe zedepski’s ginormous calculator

  1. one of my favorite of your blogs
    dude, when i first saw this drawing (before reading your blog) i thought, ‘oh!!! it’s the original documentation of the real ‘Joe Zedepski’!!) and then i loved reading that it was drawn by your readers! I LOVE that they chose number 82. What a great number! and, yes, of course, ‘property of Joe Zedepski!’. love the bright yellow, orange colors, green.
    and then i think i read of of your most beautiful lines ever: ‘I love it when the universe consolidates gifts like that.’
    took my breath away.


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