blake nelson = fresh air

I’ve been so entranced with my book three revision that I’ve totally procrastinated telling you about how awesome Blake Nelson was on NPR’s “Fresh Air.”  You can listen to his interview here and read an excerpt of Paranoid Park.

Blake pointed out one of the most fascinating things about young-adult lit, which is that a teen section didn’t even exist in the early 90’s.  When Girl was released in 1994, the YA world was a “barren ghetto.”  So freaking true!  Although I seem to have blocked out entire sections of my history, I clearly remember finding Girl in the adult fiction section of Philly’s Rittenhouse Square Borders (which I think is now a Barnes & Noble) and thinking, Why is a book about teens in the adult section?

And then I read it, and why was clear.  It was a Forever situation.  When I was a teen, Forever was categorized as adult fiction, but now it’s in the teen section with a gorgeous new cover.  Girl has a sweet new cover, too.

Girl by Blake Nelson

I kept looking for a new book by Blake every few months in the adult fiction section, wondering why he wasn’t writing anything else. I was majorly stoked to discover that he’s written many more. Teens today are mad lucky that they have so many awesome books to read – and in their own section!  We’ve come a long way.  Blake was also saying how YA lit is so hot right now that authors like Nick Hornby and Sherman Alexie want to join the party over on our side of the street.

I’ll bring the confetti.


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