in which garrison keillor rocked the hall

I’ve been reading Garrison Keillor’s books and listening to A Prairie Home Companion for almost half my life.   So when Garrison brings his radio show to New York and performs at Town Hall, I’m so there.  Actually, the last time I was there was in 1997.  I met Garrison after the show, all nervous with my old tattered We Are Still Married with page 73 falling out, clearly a hardcore fan.  And he signed my book.  Last Saturday, I brought the same book for him to sign again, 11 years later.  I do things like this.  Example:  Jodi Picoult signed my copy of The Pact during three consecutive years.

Highlights of the show included:

  1. Garrison’s red sneakers and red socks.
  2. Seeing everything up close and personal style from my second row center floor seat.
  3. Garrison singing “April Come She Will,” which is one of my Top Five Fave Simon & Garfunkel Songs.

Garrison Keillor

Brad Paisley was there, rocking songs about the importance of putting the toilet seat down and how he doesn’t highlight his hair because he still has a pair.  Tell it, brother.  Here’s Brad with my friend and pal John Mayer performing “Why Georgia.”  Also, poet Ron Padgett read some of his awesome poems from How to Be Perfect.  I like “Medical Crush.”

I had some rules for re-meeting Garrison after the show, like: Do not faint. And: Do not make fool of self.

I tend to get all hufuffled when I meet my most cherished authors.  But Garrison was totally sweet and signed my book again.  I gave him a copy of When It Happens for his daughter and he was all interested, asking lots of questions.  I’m looking forward to our next reunion in 2019.


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