seth cohen is the shizzle

With all the excitement going on around here, I haven’t updated you on my Netflix viewing status.  What’s going on, you ask?  For starters, I finally scored the #1 ranking on the Dawson’s Creek Trivia Challenge.  That’s right, friends and neighbors, out of 26,378 players, I am #1.  Well, I was.  For about a day.  And then Chick with Scary Knowledge came back on and knocked me back to #2.  But hey, I was there.  So I printed out that Facebook page for my scrapbook and that was it.  No bells or whistles.  No big honkin prize.  Just another goal I can check off my list.

I finished watching all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and absolutely loved it.  The writing is incredible and Lorelai and Rory are the best mother/daughter combo ever.  I was kind of bummed when they dissed Mummenschanz and Garrison Keillor (each twice!) because those are both two of my fave things, but everything else rocked so I had to forgive them.  And I cried at Rory’s graduations.  And a whole bunch of other times.  And that tent Luke made in the last ep?  Dude.  Now all I have to do is find most of Lorelai’s clothes for my wardrobe and life will be complete.  I so did not want Gilmore Girls to be over.  But nothing gold can stay.

So now I’ve moved on to the next show on my Netflix queue that I never saw.  I’ve been hearing from everyone for years that I’d love it and I have to watch it.  My students would come in and just be like, “Mrs. Maguire, this show is totally you.”  I’m almost done with the first season and I have to say, I had no idea it was so freaking good.  The best part?  I have two words for you.  Seth Cohen.

Seth Cohen

Does he not rule?  What an amazing character.  And Adam Brody is totally brill as Seth Cohen.  Apparently, The O.C. was only on for four seasons, which makes me a bit nervous.  Does it start to suck at some point?  I can’t imagine how.  I guess this is a good example of living in the moment:  I’ll enjoy the good days of The O.C.while they last.  And Chrismukkah.


3 thoughts on “seth cohen is the shizzle

  1. A bit random
    Hi. Found your LJ through Laurie Halse Anderson’s LJ. Haven’t read any of your books, but they do look interesting, and I’m going to add them to my reading list.
    I’ve been reading your entries while at work today (well, during moments when I need to let my brain undwind) and wanted to leave a comment about two good but canceled shows.
    Both were created/developed by the same guy, whose name I can’t remember for the life of me.
    Wonderfalls was only a season long…it lost its spot because the producers didn’t think it could compete with Joan of Arcadia. It’s a great show.
    Dead Like Me made it through two seasons on Showtime; I think that it didn’t gain a good enough following.
    Also, if you never saw Veronica Mars, that was good. Its first two seasons on UPN were better than its third and final on the CW (kind of like Gilmore Girls).

    • Re: A bit random
      Hello! I’m stoked that you found me.
      I’ve heard that “Veronica Mars” is awesome, so I’m totally adding it to my Netflix queue. And thanks for the other suggestions! I will def look into them as well.


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