ya connections

The lovely and talented Kate Morgenroth had a reading last night that totally rocked.  Kate is the author of the most excellent Jude, but she also writes novels for adult people.  Her new book is They Did It with Love, which begins with a dead woman hanging from a tree.  You can’t say you’re not interested in that.  In addition to reading, Kate also shared some fascinating rejection trivia with us, like how Stephen King’s Carrie was denied something like thirty times.  Yay that he didn’t just give up on the writing thing and become a toll booth operator.

Kate gave me the best seat in the front row, right next to Coe Booth, author of Tyrell.  Coe’s second teen novel, Kendra, will be released in October.  Excitement!  She is currently a writer-in-residence in Switzerland and returns to NYC again in August.

Also in the front row was Coe’s editor, David Levithan.  David is the author of approximately one zillion books.  So he’s an author and an editor and a professor and a mentor and…dude.  When I think about how brilliant people like David manage to do it all, imagining his schedule causes extreme exhaustion and I just want to fluff a puffy pillow and take a big nap.

Rachel Cohn, the other half of David’s Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, was also in the house.  See how fun it was?  I was thrilled to discover that Rachel is a fellow Crumbs addict!  I’m always and forever explaining to people how superior Crumbs cupcakes are (which is a task I love and I totally don’t mind).  So when the subject of cupcakes came up (as it usually does when I’m in the vicinity) and I asked Rachel if she knew about Crumbs, it was extremely refreshing when she was just like, “I live for Crumbs.”  Dude!  She’s even one of their top friends on MySpace!

We are all connected.  For reals.


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