dirty musical secrets

Your TGIM thought of the day is brought to you by our dirty musical secrets.  Why?  Because when I admit something about how dorky I am, it tends to make other people feel better (i.e. possessing less relative dorkiness).  And if you share something embarrassing with me, then I can have a good laugh on a Monday.  Sweet deal!

So.  Let’s get down to our dirty musical secrets.

Mine:  Okay.  Um…I liked New Kids on the Block.  As if that’s not mortifying enough, I liked them when I was too old to like them.  I was sixteen and all the other NKOTB fans were like eleven.  But that did not stop me.  I even had their door poster.  And this was my boy:

Joey McIntyre

Yours =  ?

5 thoughts on “dirty musical secrets

  1. I was a closet Duran Duran fan, telling people I would never like a band like that. All the while I was jealous of my brother for openly being a Duran Duran fan. When tickets became available for a DD concert, I stayed home and stewed….grrr.


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