fun & games

Fun times – some early reviews are out for Take Me There!  Here’s one from And Another Book Read.

I played a wild game of Uno with my friend Anton the other day.  It was a rager.  This one game went on for like three hours and five deck reshuffles.  Did you know there are like a zillion versions of Uno now, including the Muppet Show and Elvis?  Wild.

And speaking of old-school games, SP gave me a gorgeous backgammon set for Easter.  It didn’t exactly fit in my basket.  It’s the kind of backgammon set that sits on its own table, if you live in a house.  And I gave him this fuzzy bunny bag (with removable ears you can wear!) containing many tasty treats, as seen here by an ominously shaded photo by my friend Gerard:

Fuzzy bunny bag

Oh, and March 22 was World Pillow Fight Day.

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