spring things

For those of you who celebrate the vernal equinox like I do, the party’s not over yet!  I even busted out the noisemakers this year, I’m so freaking excited.  Not that it was the excruciating winter the Farmers’ Almanac predicted here in NYC.  But you know.  Any excuse to be weird.

Here’s what’s going on.

1.  Sorry to bust out with bad news on such an auspicious occasion, but the price of stamps is going up again.  Didn’t they just go up?  Yes, they did.  But they’re not done.  Because on May 12, stamps will cost 42 cents (and then 43 cents soon afterward).  But if you buy Forever Stamps before May 12, you do not have to bother with annoying 1-cent additions.  I declined to purchase more stamps today because the only available design was this boring bell deal with tired colors.  As a philatelist, I find this offensive.  I’m waiting to see what else they can offer me.

2.  While I was having lunch with my editor yesterday (sweet restaurant choice, Anne!), Jane Krakowski was sitting at the bar, waiting for her takeout.  She’s one of those celebs who always looks fabulous, even when she’s just out doing errands in the neighborhood.  But I have this problem with not looking at the people around me enough because I’m too busy looking in people’s windows and drooling over things like expensive bookshelves and space, so I usually miss out on the fun.  Like when Chris Noth was sitting next to me at Zen Palate or when Matt Damon was sitting behind me in Chumley’s.  Who knows what else I’m missing?  One of my husbands could walk right by me and I wouldn’t even know it.  Lesson learned:  Take it all in.

3.  There’s some exciting Barnes & Noble news regarding the release of When It Happens in paperback and Take Me There, both in May.  But I can’t officially share it yet, so I’m just being annoying.

4.  I’m starting the revision of book three, which will hopefully be released next year.  I’m stoked.

5.  Much cupcake eating has been taking place recently, which I’m documenting for you.  Photos coming soon!

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