south beach art deco rules

My weekend South Beach vacay was awesome.  Not only because it was in the 80’s and sunny every day (the high temp on Sunday was 91 degrees – a new record), but we stayed in the surreal art deco district and that totally rocked.  There are lots of restored buildings with sweet neon lights and cool shapes and they all have signs with hot fonts.  The best detail involved cut-out circles and palm trees:

South Beach Art Deco

Our hotel was such a rock star that it was just called The Hotel.  This is the rooftop pool where I spent too much time in the sun:

South Beach Art Deco

Of course it’s fun to see art deco during the day, but I way prefer looking at night, with all of the colors and lights ablaze:

South Beach Art Deco

South Beach Art Deco

South Beach Art Deco

South Beach Art Deco

The view along Ocean Drive:

South Beach Art Deco

Where else can you see architecture like this:

South Beach Art Deco

Even the lifeguard stands are cute:

South Beach Art Deco

Like Mr. Bauer sitting on the rooftop pool lounge chair next to me Friday afternoon said, “This is the life!”  Life would have been even better if his first name was Jack, but I loved it there.  Copy that.


2 thoughts on “south beach art deco rules

  1. wow!
    these are crazy, awesome photos!!! I haven’t even read the blog yet, i’m so drawn in completely by the colors and light and curves in the photos!


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