airborne = bogus (?)

No way!  Airborne has been classified as bogus!  Supposedly, there’s a massive lack of evidence that Airborne actually prevents colds.  Which I find a bit hard to believe, because shouldn’t ingesting mega vitamins (especially Vitamin C) help deter a cold?  Dude, I loved that stuff.  But hey, no wonder it didn’t always work.

If you have any Airborne at home, you can get reimbursed by submitting a claim form.

Jeez.  I hate when expectations are shattered.

6 thoughts on “airborne = bogus (?)

  1. I am not familiar with the contents of Airborne, but studies show (and we can initially thank Linus Pauling for this) that Vitamin C will not appreciably affect the immune system unles it’s taken in what we would consider massive doses. RDA is 60mg or something and pharmaceutical effect doesn’t kick in until you get in the thousands of mgs. The trouble with many of these so-called remedies is that they don’t dose nearly high enough. Zicam is another perfect example.

    • True, before Airborne I would take 3,000 mg of Vitamin C during the day if I felt a cold coming on. But each Airborne tablet contains 1,000 mg of Vitamin C (I just checked my box) and you’re supposed to take that every three hours, which should be as effective.

      • Hmmm….the other thing to question with a product like that is purity and reliability. Some vitamin C’s are better than others. Also, being water soluble, Vitamin C tends to denature easily. This is oftentimes not taken into consideration in labeling…this is why you should only steam your veggies!!! Maybe something in the preparation process denatures the active ingrediants?? Or maybe it was a bogus study. Not sure.

  2. Man, that SUCKS! I loved both Airborne and Zicam.
    But, you know, that explains why I still got sick. If this stuff DID work, you’d think it would work close to 100% of the time, not the 50% or so I was seeing. (I guess that was just dumb luck…)

    • I still might use mine. Each Airborne tablet contains 1667% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C (1,000 mg) plus other large doses of key vitamins, so it should be better than just taking Vitamin C pills. But Airborne didn’t work for me every time, either. I think that mainly has to do with the strain of the cold and how quickly we start taking the meds.


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