things with red parts

Crazy fascinating:  This dude started with one red paper clip and, 14 Internet trades later, he scored a house.  That’s right, friends and neighbors.  A paper clip bought a house.  His name is Kyle MacDonald and he now holds the Guinness Book World Record for Most Successful Internet Trade.  Read all about it.

Here’s a website I can’t figure out.  I mean, I get the general message, but how weird is it?  If you go there, just keep clicking on the text to get to the next screen.  And let me know if you discover anything amazing.

Red (the Book) is a collection of essays by 58 teen girls.  I love how these girls shared about gym class and other daily horrors in an actual book (not to diss the blog realm).  Check out their website.

In other late news:  Did they remake Knight Rider?  Are they serious?  But who plays KITT?

4 thoughts on “things with red parts

  1. Getting a house for a paper clip is crazy… but then again, what CAN’T you do on the internet these days, right? 🙂
    Also, while I’m commenting, I thought I’d tell you that I read your book, When It Happens, and fell in love with reading all over again. I haven’t found any books that interested me for such a long time, but when I started reading your book I was instantly hooked. I finished it three days later. Are you ever thinking about doing a follow-up?
    My Blog:

    • Thanks! My next book, TAKE ME THERE, will be released in May. It’s not a sequel to WHEN IT HAPPENS, though. I’m not sure if I will write a sequel yet…we’ll have to see how it goes.


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