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Skye posted this question:

I read this book “WHEN IT HAPPENS” by Susane Colasanti….and ever since ive read the book….???
i want a relationship just like the girl had when im older. i want a guy to love me so much….and for him and me to have the same interests…if youve read this book, please tell me if the relationship that Sara had with Tobey could be real….as in something that i could someday find. thanks.

Lots of readers ask me whether Tobey was based on a real boy and if the relationship Sara and Tobey had could be something real. Yes and yes. Their relationship was based on a relationship I had during senior year of high school. Introspective, sweet boys like Tobey really do exist. And you really can find them.

I believe in soul mates. I’ve always believed in them, but now I have evidence that they are real. There is a magical connection between certain people that cannot be explained and cannot be denied. So never give up, Skye. True love is out there for you!

6 thoughts on “something real

  1. so true!!!
    yes, so true!!!!
    soulmates do really exist. and when you meet them, you can sense them across distance in and in and out of time. it happens that way: i know since i experience it.
    And relationships with soulmates (including marriage) DO REALLY EXIST. It can be real. It can really happen!! I know since my husband is my soulmate. Best gift ever!! That I get to enjoy every single day!!
    Here’s a verse on that nature of the relationship with soulmates that captures this essence well:
    soulmate is
    someone to whom we
    feel profoundly connected,
    as though the communicating
    and communing that takes
    place between us were not
    the product of intentional efforts,
    but rather an eternal grace …
    This kind of relationship is
    so important that I
    believe there is nothing
    more precious in life.

      • Re: so true!!!
        You describe it perfectly!! It’s magical and it’s intense. And it’s the greatest gift on earth. It’s what I think of as being ‘divine’ because I believe that unconditional, selfless love is its source. Why is it magical and intense? since it’s the gift of having a deep connection in 100+ dimensions and languages of which only one is verbal….that kind of deep connection inspires since the energy is so positive and strong….pushes one beyond the laws of physics (like inertia). Oh, and as John Mayer so eloquently expresses in ‘Wheel’, whenever you call upon soulmates, they hear you and respond. ‘You called?’. They are always ‘just around the corner’.

  2. Awww…this girl sounds sweet.
    Tobey is real? YAY! He is so amazing..I’m glad he’s actually based off a real person. It makes the character that much more amazing. (And lucky had a relationship like that. Niiice.)
    If it’s not too personal of a question, are you still with Your Tobey?

    • Tobey was based on a real boy, but most of the experiences they had in WHEN IT HAPPENS were 100% fiction. I wish a lot of those experiences actually happened to me!
      No, the real Tobey is a troubled dude these days, so we are not together. Soul mates will always remain bonded, but a healthy relationship involves both people being in the right place at the right time. Luckily, I have an awesome boyfriend who treats me like a princess (sparkly magic wands and all:)

      • Haha..I’m sure everyone who reads that book hopes that those experiences happen to them, too. O_o
        Ahh..that stinks.
        But lucky you…I want a boyfriend who gives me a sparkly magic wand. Haha! 😛

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