cali vacay part two

Here in New York, Real February has begun.  Up until now, this month has pretty much been Fake February, with its record-breaking 68 degrees on February 6 and another day in the 60’s last week.  That’s done.  Now it’s cold.

Times like these make me reflect on sweet summer days (conveniently blocking out the deathly heat waves and crazy humidity) and fun vacays to warm places.  I’m going to Miami Beach next month (but before the vernal equinox, because it’s so rock star to relax on a rooftop pool while it’s freezing winter back here).  But today, I want to share my photos from my Cali vacay.  I wrote about my trip to San Diego/LA/Malibu/La Jolla here and these are the photos to go with it.

I like animals (not to eat, just to chill with).  When I’m traveling, sometimes I develop bonds with iguanas or pelicans or fat cats.  I have a tendency to name them all Buddy.  I do not know why I do this.  In Bonaire, I was out on a pier and this massive iguana scrunched in real close, all staring at me with his big, yellow eye for twenty minutes.  He was the original Buddy.

These Buddies were on the Santa Monica Pier:


They let you get really close.  For comparison, here’s a Buddy flying away:

buddy taking flight

By observing the seagulls, I learned that they are quite territorial about streetlamps.  Only one Buddy per streetlamp was allowed for as far as you could see.

One of the many awesome features of the Santa Monica Pier (besides Skee-Ball – woot!) is the Big Wheel.  There are some sweet views from the top:

Santa Monica Big Wheel view

Every Sunday, you can visit a temporary memorial next to the pier called Arlington West:

Arlington West

Each white cross represents one American soldier who has died in this stupid war.  That’s almost 4,000 deaths.  You can read more about Arlington West here.

I love how green California is.  There are lots of recycling bins and environmental initiatives and solar panels happening over there.  Peace out, my West Coast neighbors!  You guys rule.  This was a holiday store display (I forget which store, though):

happy holiday recycling

Rudolph the Recycling Reindeer!  Love that.

This is the rooftop beach at the amazing San Diego W Hotel:

W Hotel San Diego rooftop

The sand was heated.  And they had a bonfire, but no marshmallows to toast.  They might want to rethink that decision.  We also stayed at the Beverly Hilton, which was so decadent and fancy.  There’s a big aquarium built into a wall with lots of Buddies, but my photo was too dark.

I took these in La Jolla on the day with the enormous waves:

La Jolla sunset

La Jolla waves

You might not be able to see, but there’s a whole group of pelicans on the rocks.  The pelicans like to chomp on their feathers.

If you’re also freezing cold these days, do not worry.  Only one more month until spring!

Sparkly Cali sunset

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