myspace vs. facebook smackdown

So I’m finally on MySpace a zillion years later.  You are officially invited to visit my MySpace because I want to be your friend!

Q:  What took me so long to get there?  A:  Resistance to additional time suckage.  But actually?  It doesn’t seem like there’s all that much to do over in the MySpace world.  It’s cool to see messages, but what else is there?  Maybe I’m missing something.  If there are secret fun things going on, please share.

Meanwhile, there’s lots to do on Facebook!  Since I am ruling the Dawson’s Creek Trivia Challenge (well, my rank is still 2, but I’m holding steady and gradually encroaching on that #1 spot), I’ve moved on to The Office Trivia Challenge.  That alone is hours of “Hi, I know I should be doing something productive now, but I know what Jim’s favorite sandwich is and I’m going to apply that knowledge, dammit!”  As if that’s not enough entertainment, you can send people cookies and cast spells on them.  You can play with magnetic words, add fishies to aquariums, show which books you’re reading, and promote green living.  And what does MySpace have?  I can’t even feed my LJ blog onto it!  But Facebook lets you feed your blog there.  And everything’s so easy to do.  So why’s everyone on MySpace?  And why hasn’t MySpace caught up with Facebook’s app skills?

I must be missing something.

6 thoughts on “myspace vs. facebook smackdown

  1. I don’t see MySpace as a place to interact with friends per se. I use email and Facebook for that. However, MySpace is a great place for readers to find you. You can use it as a billboard of sorts to announce events and other important happenings. It’s also a great means to keep readers engaged in you as an author between books.
    My opinion is that Facebook borders on annoying with all the game requests and whatnot that come flying in. (That’s not to say I’m not amused by them every so often) Facebook is more of a playground for friends to interact, but not such a good a place to promote. In fact, promoting via Facebook is sort of frowned upon, whereas its sort of expected in MySpace.
    Just my .02

  2. I agree, Eric. I guess I assumed there’d be more going on in the MySpace realm, since so many kids are on it. But it’s all good. There’s always the playground! And you did give me very nice holiday gifts there 🙂

    • I found some sites with awesome layouts after spending way too much time trying to design my own. There are SO many options…I haven’t decided on my layout yet. Are you on MySpace? If so, what’s your layout like?

      • Yep…I have a MySpace. I am a teenage girl, after all. 😉
        I think I requested your friendship last night on MySpace.
        But yeah…I have a Jonas Brothers concert. Quite obsessed with them at the moment. In fact, my friends and I are going to one of their concerts in TEN HOURS!!! =D


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