i’m so weird

So I was at the Container Store on a weekday afternoon when there was no line and endless aisles of sexy organization-type things for me to get. Because who doesn’t need to get at least one organization-type thing? But I walked right out of there without so much as a hook for my new eye of the future dream catcher. Knowing that I had the whole place to myself and it was ridiculous to walk out with nothing.

Obviously, the next day I thought of about 73 different things I needed from the Container Store. And I needed them right now. So I went back on Saturday at the busiest time, when it was so crowded I couldn’t even squeeze into the travel aisle and the checkout line was wrapped halfway around the store and everyone was snarly and impatient and the whole production took a million times longer than it would if I just went back when the place was empty again.

Why do I do things like this?


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