So I was at the gym this morning watching The View on my elliptical monitor, with the girls talking about this new reality show where people have to tell the truth for money.  And this one guy was asked if he’s reluctant to have kids with his wife because he doesn’t think they’ll be together forever and he answered, “Yes.”  Which was true, so he won.

Um. Is anyone else horrified by this?

In brighter news, I’ve been able to hold my #2 ranking on the Facebook Dawson’s Creek Trivia Challenge for a while now.  That’s number 2 out of 25,394 players.  It’s kind of like weight training:  Once you get to a certain level, you can maintain your strength by investing a minimum amount of work each week.  Of course, the amount of time I put into this to get to #2 is embarrassing, but now I can kick back and enjoy the benefits (which, by the way, are none).  My knowledge of Dawson’s Creek is scary.  But not as scary as the girl who’s ranked #1.

If you’re looking for a sweet Valentine’s Day card, check out PapyrusLove them.  They have puffy pink heart ones and glittery romantic ones and ones with charms on them.  I love the one SP gave me last year with a matchbook on the cover:

Papyrus Valentine's Day card

How much am I loving Gilmore Girls?  Except this is my first time seeing the show and I’m only up to season 4, so no spoilers, please (like how Lorelai finally gets together with Luke or something).  The writing is totally brill and Lorelai and Rory are the most amazing TV mother and daughter anywhere (followed closely by Friday Night Lights).Both Juno and The Savages so deserve their Oscar nominations.  Ellen Page and Laura Linney are incredible.  My fave quote from The Savages was by Philip Seymour Hoffman:  “We’re not in therapy right now.  We’re in real life.”  And from Juno:  “But then you were like, “Oh, no, we should just make out instead,’ la la la.”  Confetti for both of these immensely talented ladies.Starting March 31, restaurant chains (with at least 15 locations) have to display the calorie content of everything they serve.  You can read the New York Times article here.  I hope that people will run screaming from McDonald’s (if Super Size Me didn’t already do it for them) when they find out that a triple Whopper has 1,230 calories.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.


4 thoughts on “random

  1. I’m not sure which season is the last one, but don’t get your hopes up. The writers left before the last season started, and the show kind of went downhill from there. And then the series finale episode wasn’t that great, I think. But I love that show, too. Although I haven’t really seen it in a long time…

  2. Calorie Count
    yes, G and I were talking about the calorie count rule for restaurants. Even though I cannot be more pro-health education, I think it’s stupid. It takes less effort to learn about the basics of calorie counting than choosing a nice restaurant in NY. It’s just a question of making it a priority. And it’s sort of common sense to realize that a triple whopper has 1230 kcal and a cup of tea with sugar around 20 kcal. It’ll just cost a lot of money for restaurants to enforce this and increase menu prices thereby making it more expensive to eat out. Instead, perhaps people should educate themselves by reading and making an appointment or two with a nutritionist. Just another stupid regulation to try to force people to think and read. It’s sad that this information has to be on menus, which to me is part of the joy and aesthetic of eating out. Now, we’ll be spending lots of money eating out in the supermarket aisle.


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