home sweet home

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t do winter.  I’m just not interested.  These are the days when you need to put on a big-ass puffy coat and three scarves just to go around the corner for a Coffee Crisp.  That so does not work for me.  Not that I even have a big-ass puffy coat.  Because I don’t have a closet to put it in.

Okay, I have one closet.  I had to pull a Bob Villa and make a bedroom closet for my clothes out of a cut-out space in there, so my apartment only has one official closet.  But it’s extremely small and holds everything that would normally take up the space of four closets.  So there’s no room for a big winter coat in there.   I’m aware that I could move out of Greenwich Village and have more space.  But where’s the fun in that?  Ever since I moved to NYC in 1996, I’ve had this insane obsession about living in this neighborhood.  Real estate brokers told me there’s no way I could afford to live here.  They told me to give up.  They recommended living in places like Queens and Montana.  But I was determined.  I was passionate.  And I made it happen.

Here’s the thing.  When I visit friends who live in houses, they don’t believe that my entire apartment could fit inside their living room, especially since I have a nice one-bedroom for this area.  So I thought I’d share a few more fun facts about my abnormal life for your entertainment.

1.  I don’t have a freezer.  Believe me, you don’t know how much you miss the basics like ice and waffles and popsicles (ooh, and Quorn, which is an essential protein source for vegetarians and darn tasty – but is, alas, a frozen food) until you no longer have access to them.  My refrigerator isn’t as pathetic as one of those college dorm deals, but it’s close.

2.  Another thing I’m mad at winter about is the lack of fruit available.  I have an affinity for fruit and feel extremely fruit starved.  It’s this intense craving that just keeps getting more extreme.  I can get the basic fruit, of course, like apples and oranges and pears, but in the winter you practically have to take out a small loan to buy any of that stuff around here.  However, yesterday I had a minor meltdown and ventured into Whole Foods (which I love and would love even more if I could actually afford to shop there), where I purchased three oranges.  Three oranges for $5.53.  And they were on sale.  Now, these are the especially tasty Cara Cara oranges, so I can deal.  But still, is that a normal price for these things, or is it just me?

3.  The last time I drove a car was fifteen years ago.  I’ve never owned a car, don’t know how to parallel park, and can’t remember which pedal is the break.  I have no idea how I got my license.

4.  My downstairs neighbor wakes me up at night with his snoring.  Which I can hear.  Through the floor.

5.  The closet situation has already been explained.

I love my neighborhood, so it’s all goodness.  I wouldn’t trade what I have for anything.  Not even a big-ass puffy coat.


12 thoughts on “home sweet home

  1. ONE CLOSET? I would die! And hey, if you ever venture uptown, the new Westside Market has decent prices on fruits and a pretty good selection. I will report back on the price front later.

    • Fairway is usually awesome with both selection and prices, but I rarely consider taking a subway ride to get fruit. I guess it’s sort of like driving to the supermarket in suburbia, though, so I should rethink my approach.

  2. dude
    LOVE your blog. of course.
    And, funny, i was thinking of buying a big ass fluffy white coat recently. since they’re so cute. Yeah, but definitely too cute for me.
    wow, 5.53 for 3 oranges. that’s ridiculous. we get them from a local farm for much less. and at various farmers markets and shops in SF for great deals. There is nothing like the produce you can get in the Bay Area. which is a huge reason why i love it here. not to say i don’t love NY as much. But the produce is definitely a major thing i will miss about Cali if i move back to the NE.
    Oh, and speaking of your awesome neighborhood. my friend Brian made Magnolia cupcakes as good (and better, since they were totally fresh and because Brian made them and he’s a total kick ass cook specializing in meat and cupcakes). Of course the recipe was from Magnolia. And again I tasted heaven. And so I need to find some ‘self rising flour’ asap so i can make some myself (what the Hell is that stuff anyway? regular flour plus yeast?). So I will endeavor to make heaven on Earth. Didn’t know that was possible. We’ll see how mine will turn out since I’m not Brian.
    And pizza. There is some great pizza in the Village and certainly in NY and most certainly the best is from my original hood, Philly. There is no great pizza in my neighborhood for sure but found yet another (of a very few) great pizza place in the city. Super garlicky but awesome. Feel like i’m back home in Philly and certainly all the NE expats are eating there. And the crust is just right. The cheese is real and the oil on top perfect…not too greasy and drips off as you eat it. yum.
    Now i’m getting hungry.
    I also lived without a real freezer for 1.5y in SF which was a major mistake. Way too expensive to sustain that and i’m not a vegetarian but that goes for meat eaters too.
    Also living with one closet. And that’s for the two of us. Yeah, it’s tough. Closet space is essential. But i’d not trade this apt for anywhere else in the city. And not for Montana either.

    • Re: dude
      I have the Magnolia cookbook, but have not made their cupcakes yet. Crumbs cupcakes are better with their buttercream icing and delicious cake, so I’m exclusively eating only Crumbs cupcakes right now.

  3. I have a car, but I don’t know how to parallel park. So don’t feel bad about that. LOL! I absolutely refuse to parallel park. And I don’t do drive thru’s either. It scares me. 😛
    You live my dream life..an apartment in NYC. Lucky, lucky girl!
    I heard William Moseley lived in Greenwich for awhile for acting classes and stuff. 🙂

    • Oh, if you like the star sightings, you’d love it here. Sarah Jessica Parker lives two blocks away and I talked to Philip Seymour Hoffman in the playground!
      You can live your dream one day. I believe that whatever you feel passionate about, you can make happen. It’s all about the creative visualization 🙂

    • I live in So. Cal. so I have a car and drive it all the time, but I never figured out how to parallel park.
      I lived in the Village for ten weeks and adored it, but I do like my closet space.


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