i’m rubber, you’re glue

Item #1:  Hillary Clinton and Tracy Flick have some things in common.

Item #2:  Rowdy sports fans

So I was at the Rangers vs. Canadiens game on Saturday.  It was way more civil than the game between them two weeks ago.  During that game, these Rangers fans kept giving us the evil eye.  They looked really mad that we a.) dared to attend and b.) even existed.  How rude is that?  We were sitting in a group of other Canadiens fans.  I had on my toque (tiny red hat, pom-pom on top, looks as dorky as it sounds) and these Rangers fans were glaring at me and yelling, “You suck!  Go back to your country!”

Um…yeah.  I live six subway stops from here?  But thanks for the advice.

See, this is what I don’t get.  Why do rowdy sports fans have to hate other people watching the game, just because they’re fans of the other team?  We’re all just there to watch some hockey.  I get how fans can be mad at the players, but why do they have to direct their anger at other people watching?  Because we’re closer?  Those of you out there containing significantly more testosterone:  Please explain.

But this Saturday’s game was much better.  The Canadiens were playing such a lacking game that this guy next to us (in the same toque) jumped up and did a little ironic dance when they scored their only goal.  There’s no way he’d get away with that in the upper seats.  Seat level and rowdiness are directly proportional.  And when it’s out of control, people get smacked.  I even had someone throw a cup at me.  Where’s the love?


5 thoughts on “i’m rubber, you’re glue

  1. Awww. I hate rude people like that.
    We get a little like that in high school because of the school rivalry thing, but we’re not necessarilly rude to the students cheering..it’s more the players. Like we’ll boo and stuff (well, I don’t, but I mean we as a high school). But recently we’ve started making our cheers more friendly to both teams. LOL! Our principal said we were being too rude to the other team. So we’re like Who’s gonna win? Millers! Who’s gonna lose? The other team! (And we point.) Who’s the best team? The Millers! And who’s the other adequately good team that should get kudos for at least trying? (That’s the new, friendly version). The other team (and we point). But yeah…we’ve made our cheers more opposing team friendly. 🙂

    • Love that! See? Even on a high school level, you guys are learning manners (even if they’re funny manners) and how to respect other people. You would think that adults would act like adults, instead of being all fifth-grade about it!


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