breaking snack news

We interrupt the progress of this third draft to bring you important breaking news.

So I was in the corner card shop looking for heart glitter (why am I always running out of that?) and I go up to the register to pay and you know how some places have those candy racks under the counter?  A box of Lemonheads caught my eye.  And then wham!  I saw them!  Coffee Crisps!  Sitting right there in the corner card shop!  Which means, and this is major, that I can have a Coffee Crisp anytime I want.  That’s deep, yo.

Do you have zero idea what I’m talking about?  Well, I first discussed the Coffee Crisp problem in this journal entry, about how they are like the best candy bar ever and you can only get them in Canada.  And how you can complain at their website if your state doesn’t have them.  I mean, it’s a Nestle product, I really don’t see what the problem is.  But!  Nestle is now marketing Coffee Crisps nationwide after a six-year persuasion campaign, so be on the lookout.  According to the Coffee Crisp blog, where you can report sightings, they’ve even been spotted in the remote Dandy Mini Mart upstate.  Righteous!

Now here’s the thing.  You know how sometimes when you can’t have something you want, it makes you want it more?  And when you finally get it, you don’t want it as much?  For me, a lot of this has to do with anticipation.  The anticipation builds excitement and that makes the Coffee Crisp, in all of its coffee creme filling / light crunchy wafers / smooth chocolate coating glory, taste even better.  I mean, how could you not want a delicious Coffee Crisp?  But now that they’re just around the corner, my longing isn’t as intense.  Like, I can have them anytime I want?

Where’s the fun in that?


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