censoring science

James Hansen is a climate scientist god.  He was the first scientist to testify in Washington that global warming is a reality and is the top climate scientist at NASA.  (Important note:  If anyone’s still questioning the reality of human-induced global warming, please inform them that 1987 called and it wants its debate back).  I’m listening to him on NPR right now with Mark Bowen, author of Censoring Science.  His book discusses how Dr. Hansen was attacked and censored by the Bush administration.  He was not allowed to discuss the reality of global warming with the public.  How fascist is that?

Back in the days of my science life, I had the most excellent opportunity to work with Dr. Hansen (and even call him Jim!) at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, which is the NASA agency that studies climate change and global warming.  You can read the results of my research on how nitrous oxides (mainly from automotive and factory emissions) contribute to global warming here.  Dr. Hansen is trying to report the truth of his research and findings over the past 25 years.  Conclusion:  Humans are creating a global warming problem that must be reversed.  The public needs to understand this because we’re not getting another planet to live on anytime soon.

The truth will be heard.  Rock on, Jim.



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