frosty crumbs

Every year before we leave for different climes for Christmas, Allison and I exchange gift bags.  This is very exciting.   We have an ongoing competition (which also includes birthdays) for who can whip up the most coordinated set of bag/paper/bow/ribbon/fringie or sparkly bits in their gift presentation.  Observe my simple red-and-white theme with silver accents, while she went for a traditionally colored stripes-and-dots thing with fancy ribbon:

Christmas gift bags

Here’s what was in mine:

Christmas gifts

Note the partially obstructed game of Set, which I have been hunting down since Allison introduced me to it years ago.  It is a truly awesome visual logic game.  Also note the Little Prince stationery case, because I collect everything Little Prince.

After the big gift exchange, we of course moved on to Crumbs for holiday cupcakes.  They had special snowman ones:

Crumbs snowman cupcake

Didn’t they look so cute together?

Crumbs snowman cupcakes

I hope you enjoyed some special holiday treats, too.  That’s what holidays are for!

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