slamin’ slam

This poetry slam I went to Monday night rocked the house.  Some of the absolute best spoken-word artists competed in a slam hosted by Mahogany Brown.  It was at Spark Art Center, which was actually this random room in the back of a restaurant in Chelsea.  But as the guy who lived next door told me, there are no random rooms in New York.  Anyway, this slam was so underground I can’t even give you a link to it.  Not because it’s top secret, but because it was totally off the radar.

Soulful Jones was so intense that I had a Coffee Talk pheglempt moment during his performance.  Check out his music on his MySpace page, too.  And Uninvited has only been on the scene for a year, but he’s already a shining star.  The winner was Ben Crossan, whose only contact info at this time is his phone number.  And my soul sista Tatyana Cabrera also performed.  If you’re into slams, watch out for these neighbors.  They’re so hot they make fire jealous.