holiday cards

So I made an executive decision to not send out holiday cards this year, for the first time since I started sending them.  It just seems like there’s an indirect relationship between the whole email/ecard/eeverything craze getting whipped up into a larger frenzy every year and appreciation for/interest in/inclination to send handwritten communication.

Who’s with me on this?  Or am I being a total Grinch about it?

2 thoughts on “holiday cards

  1. ?
    sorry, i’m lost.
    do you mean an inverse relationship? (i.e., more frenzy, less desire to write handwritten communications?). if there’s an indirect relationship between ecard/frenzy and sending handwritten communications…..I would think that with more ecard frenzy, whipped up craziness, one would want more to handwrite cards since it’s going against the e-crazy frenzy. i.e., it’s the old fashioned snuggle with hot chocolate by the warm lamp with favorite pen’ way.

    • Re: ?
      Indirect relationship and inverse relationship are synonymous.
      Unfortunately, there just aren’t that many people that think about this the way we do. The more people use email and other ecommunication methods, the less they write anything on actual paper.


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