Here are five things.

1.  Everyone knows that it takes me a long time to advance with technology.  it’s a flow I appreciate, but don’t necessarily go with.  So when my answering machine died suddenly, I went to Best Buy to get a new one.  But wait.  Oh, I’m sorry…did you want a new answering machine?  Gee, that’s too bad, because they don’t make those anymore.  I mean, they do, but there’s only like one and it seems like a  pathetic purchase when everything else is cordless or digital attached to an answering machine.  As I didn’t even have a cordless phone (but I did get the special extra-long cord for my vintage phone!), this was a big step.  I went with the digital phone.  And it really does sound clearer than my vintage phone.  I’d just like to know how it holds up in the long-term scheme of things, so if anyone out there has a digital phone, please share your experience.

2.  My current rank in the Facebook Dawson’s Creek Trivia Challenge is 6.  Out of 23,595 players.  Must.  Stop.  Playing.  But my thought is this:  As long as I’m getting my work done, I’m allowed to play.  Yeah.  I’ll just keep telling myself that.

3.  In response to my recent rant about never running into my people on the streets of NYC, the universe gave me Keri Russell.  I never saw Felicity, but I loved her in Neil LaBute’s play Fat Pig with my boy Jeremy Piven.  I was leaving my coffeehouse and she was coming in, being introduced to someone.  She was all, “Hi, I’m Keri,” totally sweet and approachable.  Sadly, she’s just not one of my people.  Trust me, if it was John Mayer or John Krasinski or Tobey Maguire, this isn’t the only place you’d be hearing about how I almost touched his coat or whatever in way too much detail.  I’d totally be renting a billboard about it.  Although I was just in LA, right where John was filming his new DVD.

4. I just finished reading Story of a Girl and an advance copy of Sweethearts, both by Sara Zarr. They’re awesome.

5. Being crazy efficient with the holiday shopping this year, I whipped into the Container Store, organization mecca, for a small travel container.  Nothing else.  Here’s how weird I am:  I actually felt sad that I didn’t have to get any more gift wrapping/bags/bows/tags, since I had the whole place to myself and it would have been some sweet shopping.  But I learned the hard way last year:  Get that silver mylar paper early, because they sell out!