things with heart

So first I have to say that the first pass pages of Take Me There have been proofed, discussed, and passed on to the fabulous people in charge of making a book.  It’s done, baby!

Next is a snarky rant entitled, Here’s Something That Shouldn’t Matter So Much, But It Does Anyway.  The other day, SP saw David Schwimmer go into a store in SoHo.  Not fair!  I heart Ross!  [Side note:  Isn’t it interesting how love was translated into the heart symbol, but when the heart symbol was recently translated back into slang text, it turned out to be “heart” instead of “love”?  Anyway].  Everyone always gets to see my fave people and I’m tired of it.  Like, my friend Michelle saw Jon Stewart at the mailbox.  Not fair!  I heart Jon!  She doesn’t even like him!  I mean, yeah, okay, I saw Matthew Broderick in the neighborhood, but even then my friend Allison had to tell me it was him after he had already passed us.  And of course that just reminded me of SJP and how I missed the taping of a scene from the Sex and the City movie a few weeks ago when Carrie’s street was all lined with traffic cones.  Because even though I knew it had to be for a scene outside her apartment because, duh, that’s her stoop right there, the filming notices taped to the trees said it was something else to fool people and I was fooled because I am an idiot.  Grrr.

Moving on to something that has chilled me out recently…I just finished watching season one of Friday Night Lightsand it is amazing.  Sarah Dessen is always saying how incredible this show is and she is right.  The last ep looked totally blurry because I kept getting verklempt at every other scene.  It’s like butta.  This show has so much heart and emotion and you just fall in love with the characters so intensely that you wind up cheering for the Dylan Panthers, even if you’re someone like me who doesn’t know the first thing about football.  Trust me, it will make your Netflix queue happy.

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