vintage viewing

Aside from real-life experiences with real-life people, there are few things as sweet as a viewing of Dawson’s Creek episodes.  I just feel like I’m hanging with the gang, seeing what’s up.  Even though I already know what’s up because I am a DC fanatic and trivia expert.  I know every single ep like I wrote it.  Which reminds me:  I have to stop playing the Dawson’s Creek trivia game on Facebook.  But I can’t help my new addiction…no one told me that Facebook had so many fun apps!  Where was the warning about this?  I have achieved Stud level and am on my way to the highest level, whatever that may be, but it’s too easy to get swept away into the time suckage of it all.  Must.  Stop.

Joey Potter and Pacey Witter

My So-Called Life, the most amazing teen show to ever exist, was recently released again on DVD.  Suckily, the first time it was released as a limited edition.  So if you wanted to buy it, you could find it for hundreds of dollars on eBay or something equally insane.  But not anymore.  I ended up paying full price for it, though, because of course I was horribly sick with this severe cold thing that half of New York’s population apparently just had during the whole week of the sale and couldn’t schlep it over to Circuit City (where it’s cheaper than at Best Buy).  Worth every extra penny.

I’m currently viewing Season One of Friday Night Lights.  But next up on my Netflix queue is All in the Family.  There’s something about that show that always made me feel safe and happy when I was a kid.  I’m sure watching it now will bring that all back.  Kickin’ it old-school has its benefits.

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