montreal makes a nice light snack

Some people have this thing where they don’t know from a good bagel.  It’s an affliction, really.  So when SP started ranting about how awesome Montreal bagels are when he’s never even tried an H&H, I was skeptical at best.  This is a hot debate argued by many lovers on both sides of the border.  And I am a fiercely loyal lover of the H&H bagel.  But like I’m going to turn down an opportunity to try another good bagel.  So when we were in Montreal last weekend, I sampled one plain and one whole wheat.

Here’s the breakdown:

1.  Montreal bagels have larger holes than New York bagels, so there’s actually less bagel per bagel.

2.  Montreal bagels have a sweeter taste than New York bagels.

3.  Montreal bagels are way chewier than New York bagels.

The contenders are the Montreal bagel (from St-Viateur):

Montreal bagel


and the New York bagel (from H&H, duh):

H&H Bagels


The winner?  New York bagels, of course!  As if anywhere else could come close to recreating perfection!

But one thing Montreal has that New York doesn’t is the Coffee Crisp.  Which is a shocking fact, considering that it’s made by Nestle and New York has everything else.  This is a delicious snack bar (not really heavy enough to be classified as a candy bar) which comes in four sizes:  regular, king size (my personal preference), singles, and fun size (spotted in bag form at the airport for $11).  Coffee Crisps have layers of wafers and light coffee-flavored cream and some chocolate fluffiness floating about.  It’s heaven on a stick.

Something else Montreal has that New York doesn’t is the Bell Center, where we watched the first Canadiens (but everyone calls them the Habs for obvious reasons) home game of the season.  This is what real hockey’s all about, straight up.  It’s a super overwhelming experience to be there like that.  I even got all teary when the team first came out.  And my fave player, Chris Higgins, scored the first goal of the night, just like I knew he would.  Too bad they didn’t score more goals than that and totally lost in an extremely humiliating way because the refs didn’t even call this mad conspicuous attack on a Hab where we could all see it completely clearly and…well, hey.  Suckiness happens.  Let’s try to keep it positive.

Like how I scored a giant rainbow Whirly Pop for the plane ride home.  And how when you fly into New York at night, you can see the whole city glittering below you, a million gold lights as far as you can see.  Way better than a king size Coffee Crisp.

2 thoughts on “montreal makes a nice light snack

  1. Mmm. H&H bagels are like the nietzschean superman of bagels. They’re the ur-bagel. The uber-bagel. The…okay, now I’m just making myself hungry. And H&H is a *very* long subway ride away.


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