children left behind

Some things are very depressing.  Like when you hear how Prez Bush vetoed a child health-insurance extension to provide 900 million dollars in aid to NYC kids.  See how depressing that is?

But some people suffer from depression all the time.  It’s especially common in teens.  Which is why today is National Depression Screening Day.  Get informed about symptoms and treatment.

So many kids are sleeping way less than they should be, which impairs their brain development.  As the brain is still developing until age 21, this is not a good thing.  A survey by the National Sleep Foundation found that half of all teens get less than seven hours of sleep on weeknights.  Only 5% of high school seniors get an average of eight hours of sleep a night.  Not getting enough sleep can impair a child’s IQ.

When you are healthy, the quality of everything in your life improves.  I wish people who have the power to make decisions that can improve so many kids’ lives realized that basic fact.


2 thoughts on “children left behind

  1. School impairs a child’s IQ resulting in poorer work at school, yet the stress and anxiety caused by school causes insomnia in most teens; therefore, school is the cause of sleep deprivation in teens and it is also the thing that is greatly affected by the students’ sleeping deprivations.


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