overdone ding

I know I’m late.  But that doesn’t mean I have any less to rant about why Meredith and Derek are, somehow, still not together.  Still.

*SPOILER ALERT*  If you are one of the six remaining people who have not yet watched Season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy, please be warned that this post contains information regarding pretty much every dang thing that happened.  Please come back later.

Okay.  First of all…the Meredith and Derek thing.  Where did that go?  Into an alternate universe where the laws of acting like a human being no longer apply?

Question:  How can someone who is apparently your everything all of a sudden be your nothing?

So she has issues.  And he has baggage.  Big whoop.  That’s called two people in a relationship.  So why aren’t they?  Meredith can finally be with her elevator-eyes McDreamy after the whole Season 2 fiasco, and what does she do?  Tries to die (by drowning – first in her bathtub, then outside – it’s complicated).  Sorry, but I’m not buying.  Not even if it’s on sale.  She can’t decide between Derek and Finn?  Are you freaking kidding me?  She actually says, “He’s the guy who brings your roommate lunch when she’s sad.  So I’m going to end it with Derek.”  But then yelling at Derek in the stairwell last season, she’s all, “When I met you, I thought I’d found the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with.”  Hmmm.  Which of these things does not belong?


McDreamy is her soul mate.  So she pulls away from him, right when things should be getting all hot and hotter?  Seriously?  He’s the one.  He’s always been the one.  We, of course, know this.  While Meredith is all dark and twisty inside and that’s supposed to somehow justify it.

Next.  Addison and Alex?  There’s no way.  There’s no freaking way she would even be able to look at him after how obnoxious he was to her.  Oh, and then there was the time that he almost got her fired over the whole mother who didn’t want to have kids thing am I the only one who remembers anything around here?!

George and Callie get married.  Enough said.

What do Burke and Cristina have in common?  Aside from being into slicing people open?  Answer:  Zero things.  Because both of them picking red velvet cake doesn’t count as a thing.  So what are these two people doing together?  And they actually think they should get married?  Seriously?  Plus, let’s keep in mind that three seasons was actually supposed to represent one year.  That’s a lot of people getting married and people almost dying in one year.  Kind of like on Desperate Housewives, how at this point if you see another dead body you’re just like, “Whatever.  Is there any more Crunch ‘n Munch left?”

Was Season 3 good?  Yes.  Despite all of my ranting, yes.  Was it as good as Season 2?  No.  Why not?  Because Season 2 made sense.  Things went together.  Events followed a logical progression.  And everything was fresh and new.  Let’s put it this way:  That elevator ding sound effect they use when someone says something shocking and the camera cuts to the other person?  Used to be fresh.  And they used to at least make an effort to blend it into the music.  It’s not like I don’t like the ding anymore.  The ding rocks.  It’s just…been there, heard that.

But even if I hear it a thousand times, even if it doesn’t quite fit into the scene the way it used to, I’ll never get tired of the overdone ding.

3 thoughts on “overdone ding

  1. GA
    supposed to be a great show.
    i should watch it esp. since i got the DVD as a gift. And i watched part of one episode and the acting was great
    but something about romance on the wards makes me feel nauseous about these doctor drama shows

  2. Re: GA
    But when you get into the whole being McDreamy in elevators thing, you will be hooked. It’s sweeter than you think 😉

  3. Re: GA
    Wait, you weren’t supposed to read this! You haven’t even seen Season One!
    Okay, just delete this from your brain and you’ll be fine. You don’t know the characters yet, so maybe there’s still a chance.


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