alan maltz, lover of palm trees

In any given sad situation, you can choose to deal in one of two ways.  You can get all twarked up in a big ball of snit over it.  Or you can accept the things you cannot change and focus on the positive side.  Because no matter how atrocious the situation seems, there is always a positive side.  You just have to look harder to find it sometimes, is all.

Daylight hours are a huge deal for me.  They increase by about two minutes per day from the winter solstice until the summer solstice.  Lots of people don’t realize that the day after summer begins, daylight hours actually start to decrease.  Sad, but true.  Less daylight hours make me feel all wilted and foggy.  In the winter, Seasonal Affective Disorder causes some people to feel depressed.  This is because the amount of light you’re exposed to affects your mood and sleep patterns.  That’s why SAD patients sit in front of light boxes (which emit full-spectrum white light to simulate sunlight) for a certain amount of time each day to improve their depression.  This happens in places that experience lots of rainy days, like Seattle (which would explain most of the Grey’s Anatomy Season Three craziness, but that’s another entry) or locations in polar regions (which experience three months of living in almost total darkness every year).  That’s OD.

But that’s not the point.  The point is this:  Instead of being bummed about decreasing daylight hours, I’m going to focus on sweet summer memories and palm trees.  Palm trees always make me feel peaceful.  Palm trees say, “Hi.  Why not kick back with a tall glass of watermelon juice (with those paper umbrellas sticking out of it) and enjoy this perfect 73-degree day?  More fruit salad?”  So I think of palm trees.  Like these, brought to you by the most extraordinary photographer ever, Alan Maltz.  Check out his website for many more.

Alan Maltz sunset


Alan Maltz sunset


Alan Maltz sunset


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