not the cure, but john mayer

So I was supposed to be blogging about how awesome The Cure was at Madison Square Garden last Sunday.  That was the concert where SP and I had 4th row center floor seats.  Which is so freaking awesome I can’t even explain how close that is.  And today I was going to post photos and the playlist and details about how I was so close I could see Robert Smith’s lipliner.

But that’s not what this is about.  Because The Cure canceled their concert.

Canceled.  It.

At first I was like, Who does that?  But then I found out that they have to finish their next album or some such.  Hmph.  At least we have the same seats on June 20, which is the rescheduled date.  That’s a good thing.  So instead of being all depressed about this, I’ll share some positive John Mayer energy.

I went to two John Mayer concerts during his Continuum tour.  I had 2nd row seats for Madison Square Garden and 2nd row seats for Tweeter Center.  They both rocked harder than ever.  Enjoy, neighbors:

John Mayer, 2007


John Mayer, 2007     John Mayer, 2007

2 thoughts on “not the cure, but john mayer

  1. John Mayer
    why haven’t I ever listened to a John Mayer song. I think I should do that.
    Any suggestions of where to start?

  2. Re: John Mayer
    My favorite John Mayer CD is HEAVIER THINGS, so I’d suggest that one to start with. Check out “Clarity” and “Wheel”…you’ll love those songs.


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