you know where

The cover of my new book is an awesome thing.  When I first saw it, I was like, Dude!  I wrote that!  It just looks like what I wrote.  This genius designer at Viking, Sam Kim, created a gorgeous work of art.  Plus, he captured the tone of the story and the characters look like the real characters.  That’s hot.

Take Me There by Susane Colasanti

For those of you who are wondering about My Way Home, this is that.  The title was changed to Take Me There because we thought it would be, you know, sassier.  It brings up questions such as, Where are we going?  Just like When It Happens made people wonder, Hmmm.  Is that the same “it” I think it is?  These are good questions to have.

Just don’t ask me if we’re there yet.  I can’t even remember which side the gas pedal is on.

7 thoughts on “you know where

  1. Absolutely Beautiful!!
    Wow, the lighting, the colors, the books piled up, the sky blue rug, imagining the characters’ thoughts, what they are saying, even more what they are NOT saying as their minds and souls connect: verbally, nonverbally….gives me the chills.
    I can’t wait to read “Take me There”.
    I can’t wait to learn more about where “Take Me There” is.

  2. omg!!
    okay so im new. stop making fun of me cuz i only just found out about when it happens. i read it in under 48 hours jsyk. (sleep was not optional.) and now i think am about to explode with joy that there is a second one. TAKE ME THERE!? god! library even if i have to walk! jsyk i might not be on this site all that much, concitering that im already a known user on the scott westerfeld blog.


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