time for change

It’s weird how people change.

Example:  I always used to wear a watch.  From middle school until after college, I couldn’t imagine not wearing a watch.  I was always like, Who does that?

But then I got into yoga and meditation and living in the moment, and things changed.  Suddenly, my watch was repulsive.  Not because it didn’t look good.  I’ve always had Swatches because they are a beautiful thing.  I had the clear one where you can see all the gears.  I had one with little orange fishies.  I had one with a big, black X.  Only, now it felt like there was always this huge clock over my head, all impatient like tick-tock!  Counting out the limited time I have left, demanding attention.  Totally stressing me out.

Now that I’m tutoring, I have to wear a watch.  When I was a teacher, it was way easier to look at the clock.  Because when I started teaching and didn’t know how to time lessons yet and I’d be checking my watch every five minutes, the kids would get restless.  To them, glance at timepiece = time to go.  I have to know what time it is now, though.

So of course I went to the Swatch store in SoHo.  Duh!  They have so many awesome designs right now I can’t even tell you.  I have no idea how I narrowed my choices down to two.  But I did.  And now I have them.   I went retro with the transparent one and then I got this other one called Color the Sky, with gorgeous  stripes:

Color the Sky Swatch

I have to get used to that ticking again.  But it’s all good.  Jack Bauer would be proud.


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