the first day

Today is the first day for NYC teachers to go back to school. But for me, this is the first day of my new life.

I never thought I would resign from teaching. How does a person who knew she was a teacher at twelve years old, who worked her whole life to be this teacher, decide to leave?

Well, it’s mainly because I want more time to write. I’d like to have one book published each year instead of one book published every two years. And I don’t want to get up at 5:00. That was the worst. You can’t fight your circadian rhythm.

Here’s the thing. No matter what you thought your life would be, or should be, or all you thought it could be, there’s always room for more than you ever imagined. For a long time, I thought I would only have one career. That I’d pick the thing I loved to do the most and that would be it. But life is a wild thing. Anything can happen at any moment. So I realized that I had to think outside the box. You can have as many careers as you want. It’s your life.

A lot of people want to do something different with their lives, but they’re afraid of taking that risk. When I first decided to leave teaching, it was scary. I worried about affording health insurance and my retirement plan and…what if things didn’t work out? But as last year moved forward, my excitement squashed that fear. And now I don’t feel scared anymore. I just feel excited that I’m creating my ideal life.

Here we go…


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