mike white rules

Mike White is an amazing writer and filmmaker.

He wrote the most fabulous episodes of Dawson’s Creek during seasons one and two.  They were better than most other eps.  Like the ones with Eve at the beginning of season three.  What was that about?

Then he wrote one of my Top Five Favorite Movies Ever, The Good Girl.  Which is perfect in so many ways.

Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal in The Good Girl


So I was expecting another religious experience when I sat down to watch Year of the Dog last night.  But whoa.  I did not expect to cry like that.  I wouldn’t want to include any spoilers here because you have to see this film.  It’s just…Pencil!  No!  And that photo of Pencil on the beach, with his ears all flapping in the wind?  Heartbreaking.

Molly Shannon in Year of the Dog


I gave Mike a shout-out in Take Me There because his brilliance inspires me.  Anyone who can use film or art or writing in a way that affects me so intensely is a freaking genius.  He makes you feel your whole entire life in this completely transcendental way.  Rock on, Mike.


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