Yeah, I know it’s Tuesday. I live on the wild side like that.

So you know the whole TGIF thing? And how so many people seem to be living for the weekend, where Friday is the best day at school or work? Well, every Monday in my classroom was TGIM day. Because the whole week is fresh and new and full of possibilities. And why grumble about eighty percent of your week, waiting around for life to pass you by, when you could be creating awesomeness on any given day?

Yes, I was that annoying and perky at school. If you were in my first-period class, my job was to wake you up (mostly by being weird and what sometimes barely passed for funny). Not that I’m a morning person. I am so not one of those I can’t even tell you. I just play one at school.

When you’re dragging through your week, think about the possibility that every day could be the first day of your new life. Small changes add up to big results, even if it’s something as simple as smiling more.  You can improve your mood just by smiling.  And doing more positive thinking.  Happy new you.


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