it’s all about the crust

You know that episode of “Sex and the City” that made Magnolia famous?  The one where Carrie and Miranda are sitting on the bench outside, eating cupcakes with pink icing?  Yeah.  That bench isn’t really there.  But those cupcakes definitely are.  Sitting in the window, looking all tasty.  Staring at you as you attempt to walk by.

Since I live right down the street, it was extremely difficult to resist attacking Magnolia for a daily cupcake fix when I first moved here.  But you get used to it.  Kind of like how if you work at Dairy Queen, you’re not craving the ice cream so much.  And the thing I’ve discovered is that they have other stuff.  Like cheesecake.  Decadent cheesecake.  In cute circle shapes that are just big enough for you to feel like you’ve had dessert without being so stuffed you wish you hadn’t.  So now when I have visitors (or friends in from Brooklyn, which is pretty much the same thing) and we make the requisite Magnolia stop (which may include standing in line for thirty minutes, depending on whether or not the “Sex and the City” tour bus just pulled up), I usually get cheesecake instead of a cupcake.

And then SP (Sexy Pierre) and I were walking around the East Village and all of a sudden there was this big sign all like, Eileen’s Special Cheesecake.  The sign said how it’s the best cheesecake in New York.  Now.  Here’s the thing with cheesecake.  I am a cheesecake expert.  I make twenty-three different kinds.  And ever since my Gram taught me the special cheesecake recipe (which, if you follow it while executing certain secret techniques, is the best cheesecake anywhere), I have been searching New York for a cheesecake that good.  And guess what?  Eileen’s comes close, but it’s not quite Eileen’s (of course, my Gram’s name was also Eileen).  When I make Gram’s special cheesecake, I triple the crust recipe.  So the crust is so thick and rich in all of its buttery-graham-cracker goodness you just don’t even know what to do with yourself.  It’s like that line from Big Night, about how it’s so good you have to kill yourself after because nothing will ever be that good again.  Yeah.  It’s that good.  I challenge anyone, anywhere to try and come close to this.

Oh.  And that scene with Carrie and Miranda on the non-existent bench?  Carrie’s wearing knee-socks in it.  And Sara is wearing knee-socks on the cover of When It Happens.  Hmm.  It must be a cupcake thing.

Magnolia cupcakes


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