up in the wiihouse

Here’s reason number seventy-three why I heart NY:  Fun random stuff you never knew existed.

I met a friend at this bar down the street. It’s called Greenwich Treehouse, all perched up above Greenwich Avenue. They have a big screen this guy was using to play Nintendo Wii. You could tell he hangs out there a lot. He was really good.

When we were leaving, I noticed that the only other people in the place were the bartender and some other dude, playing Wii. So I was like, “If I stay, can you guys show me how to play?” And they said yes. So I stayed with them and we played a Wii board game (Mario Party 8), which went on forever. Oh, and when I told the dude the music there was so good? He said thanks…he picks the music because it’s his bar.  It was my first time playing and I pretty much suck at it.  But after two hours, I could feel my Wii skills improving!

See, this is the kind of thing that can only happen in New York. You go out expecting one experience and this whole other experience happens. Because there are so many friendly neighbors here and eccentric people and you never know who you’re walking down the street with. It’s the kind of fun times I always wished I was having as a teen, growing up in a small New Jersey country town and longing for city excitement. Maybe that’s why I appreciate these little things so much, now that I finally have them.

In New York, you can find a group and a place for any interest you could possibly have.  Seriously.  There’s a place for board games and a bunch of places for trivia night and there’s even Bingo night at Tortilla Flats, which is so super fun I can’t even tell you.  There’s even an organization called Quiet Party, which is part of a movement to create spaces where people can take a break from all the noise.  And there’s places with Skee-Ball and Pac-Man and Gregorian chants and backgammon and…just every random thing.  How sweet is that?


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