I’m a plant person. When I had to give away ten plants to move here (fab apartment, but no southern exposure), I missed them a lot. I get really sad about things like deforestation, forest fires, or a wicked storm that wipes out tons of trees. All of those beautiful trees just…gone šŸ˜¦ I mean, say there’s this tree, just doing his thing with the xylem and phloem, chilling on a sunny day and minding his own business when all of a sudden – smacko! Life is over for you, tree!


I’m also a person who is weird about turning on her air conditioner. As long as it’s below 95 degrees and not crazy humid, I can deal with just the fan. Yeah, I’m still hot, but it’s way better than dumping ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbons into the environment. The environment has enough problems. I’m all for an ice-cold movie theater in August, which is cooling many people who are (hopefully) not running their air conditioners at home during the movie. It’s just that I feel selfish adding to the global warming emergency just so one human can be more comfortable.

But! Author Eric LuperĀ planted a tree for me in his yard. So now I can turn on the air when it’s unbearable with less guilt. Here is my tree! Eric lives upstate in suburbia. You get to do cool things like have a yard with a garden when you live in suburbia. Oh, and he interviewed me a while ago, which you can see here.

Everything is connected. Everything you do affects the world in some way. Find out about ways you can conserve energy and take better care of the Earth. It’s the only planet we have. And appreciate every single tree. They make our lives possible.


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