2 degrees of john krasinski

Announcement: I am connected to John Krasinski by a cool two degrees.

John Krasinski

You’re probably wondering how this is possible. I know! Especially if you’re a friend of mine, in which case you are painfully aware that I adore The Office and the best character ever, Jim Halpert. Because I go on and on about these things so much that my friends eventually slip into a yeah-you-already-told-me-that semi-catatonic state out of extreme boredom.

Here’s what happened. I finally picked up my June/July Jane magazine the other day. It’s a shame that Jane will no longer exist after the August issue. It’s been real, all the way back to my high school Sassy days. So I was reading that page with the photos and bios of the contributors for the issue and there was a photo of Jean Villepique. A girl with the same name was in my high school class, which was a tiny class in a tiny town. But I was like, this can’t be her. Except the picture kind of looked like her. I was still like, no way. But then it was like way because I Googled her and found out that it’s the same Jean. Oh, and of course she lived here in NYC up until a couple months ago. I could have walked over for a reunion. And I’m not even sure why this is such a big deal. The energy of connections, I guess.

But this isn’t the point.

Jean Villepique was on an episode of The Office, which I would know by now if I had a TV. I always have to wait for the previous season to be released on DVD before I get to watch. But I found a photo from the ep on her friend’s blog. She’s just standing there, right across from John Krasinski. So John and I are, officially, connected by two degrees.



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